What isPocket Internet Explorer

Pocket Internet Explorer is a web browser that is part of the Pocket PC operating system, specifically designed for mobile devices. It is a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows users to browse the web on their handheld device.

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of desktop Internet Explorer, Pocket Internet Explorer still provides users with many important features. It has a simple interface that is optimized for touch screens and small screens, allowing for easy navigation. It can also handle HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and supports many common web technologies.

If you have a Pocket PC, you can use Pocket Internet Explorer to surf the web, check email, and even access SharePoint sites or other web-based applications. You can zoom in and out of pages, and use the back and forward buttons to navigate through your browsing history. Plus, you can easily switch between landscape and portrait modes as needed.

FAQs About Pocket Internet Explorer

Can I use Pocket Internet Explorer on my smartphone?

No, Pocket Internet Explorer is only available on Pocket PCs with the Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating systems.

Is Pocket Internet Explorer still available?

No, Pocket Internet Explorer was discontinued and is no longer supported by Microsoft. However, some older devices may still have it installed.

What is the best alternative to Pocket Internet Explorer?

There are many mobile web browsers available today that are designed specifically for smartphones and other handheld devices. Some popular options include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Mini.

Final Thoughts

Pocket Internet Explorer was a vital tool for many Pocket PC users in the past, providing a way to browse the web from a mobile device. While it may no longer be available, its legacy lives on in the many mobile web browsers that are now available for smartphones and other handheld devices.

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