What isPocketZip disk

Are you familiar with the PocketZip Disk? It is a former portable disk drive manufactured by Iomega that was released in 1999 under the Clik! brand. The drive was affordable and utilized 40MB cartridges that looked like floppy disks and were sold for less than $10 each.

The PocketZip disk can be connected to a computer using a PC card, which has a cartridge slot built into the card itself or via USB. This portable drive made it easy to store and transfer files between devices.

FAQs About PocketZip Disk

Can PocketZip disks still be used?

While it is possible to find PocketZip disks and drives for sale in online marketplaces or second-hand stores, they may no longer be compatible with modern technology.

How much storage space did a PocketZip disk have?

Each PocketZip disk had a storage capacity of 40MB, which was a significant amount at the time it was released in 1999.

Did the PocketZip disk offer any advantages over other portable storage devices at the time?

One major advantage of the PocketZip disk was its affordability. At the time, other portable storage options like Zip disks or rewritable CDs were more expensive. The compact size and ease of use also made it a popular choice for those who needed a portable storage solution.

The Bottom Line

The PocketZip disk was a revolutionary device when it was released in 1999, offering an affordable and portable storage solution for computer users. While it may no longer be a viable option for modern technology, it remains an important part of computer storage history.

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