What isprimary blockchains

Are you curious about the other blockchains aside from the ones that kicked off the cryptocurrency craze? Here are some of the most popular ones today, listed alphabetically. And there are more being launched every day!

Public vs Private Blockchains

Public blockchains are open to everyone. Meanwhile, private blockchains cater only to businesses and other organizations, and people should have central authority clearance to utilize them.

Top Primary Blockchains

Cardano: Known as a third-generation blockchain, it employs a proof-of-stake model that utilizes less energy compared to others.

EOS: Aimed at redeeming Ethereum’s pitfalls, other blockchain developers developed EOS, also a third-generation blockchain, and dubbed it “Ethereum killer”.

Ripple: Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, Ripple functions as a platform for global transfers of funds.

Stellar: Designed to take on Ripple, Stellar aims to make global fund transfers simple and affordable, especially in developing nations.

Choosing the Right Blockchain

Determining the right blockchain to use depends on what you intend to accomplish. Public blockchains are ideal for those looking to develop decentralized apps, while private blockchains are more suitable for businesses seeking to guard their proprietary data.


Q: Are there more blockchains besides the ones mentioned?

A: Yes, new blockchains are constantly being created and launched.

Q: Who can use private blockchains?

A: Private blockchains are only utilized by businesses and other organizations that have central authority clearance.

Q: Which blockchain is the best?

A: Choosing the right blockchain depends on your specific needs and objectives.

Explore and choose the right blockchain that suits your goals today.

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