What isprogression gameplay

Progression gameplay is a design in video games that involves completing levels or stages or achieving specific pre-determined objectives to advance to the next level. This kind of gameplay relies on predetermined sets of achievements inside each level, making progression predictable and straightforward for the player.

This type of gameplay is different from emergent gameplay design, which allows for player actions to determine the progression of the game. In emergent gameplay, the possibilities are endless, and there’s no set outcome for the player.

However, most video games incorporate both progression and emergent gameplay elements to keep the player engaged and interested.

How does Progression Gameplay work?

Progression gameplay is based on a leveling system where the challenges increase in difficulty as the player advances through each level. The player must complete specific goals or objectives to unlock the next level, and the game often rewards the player with new items, skills or abilities. These upgrades, in turn, help the player tackle the more challenging levels successfully.

Many popular games like Mario, Zelda, and Grand Theft Auto use the progression gameplay design. These games incorporate specific storylines and objectives that the player must complete. As the player advances through the levels, the story unfolds, revealing new challenges and mysteries for the player to solve.


What is the difference between progression and open-world gameplay?

Progression gameplay is based on completing pre-determined objectives in a specific order, whereas, in an open-world game, the player is free to explore and interact with the game world as they see fit.

What are the advantages of progression gameplay design?

Progression gameplay design provides a sense of accomplishment and progression as the player advances through the game. It also allows for a more engaging storyline and structured gameplay experience.

Final Thoughts

Progression gameplay design is a popular design element in video games that provides clear and predictable achievements for the player to reach. This design has proven to be effective in keeping players engaged and interested in the game. However, combining both progression and emergent gameplay design can create a more dynamic and exciting gaming experience.

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