What isPURL

PURL, which stands for “Persistent URL,” is a type of URL that redirects users to another URL. It is particularly useful when document pages are expected to be transferred to new locations. Instead of updating all the links to the new location, a PURL server can handle redirecting the user to the current web page.

With a PURL, the original URL remains the same, but a redirect is put in place so that requests for the PURL will be sent to the current page location. This is particularly useful for pages that may be moved or redirected frequently.

A PURL server serves as the official URL for the resource, meaning that when a user requests the PURL, the server directs them to the current location of the page.

FAQs about PURL:

What is the advantage of using PURL?

The main advantage of using PURL is that it allows resources to be easily redirected without changing the URL that users have bookmarked or shared. This helps to maintain consistency and ensure that users can always find the page they are looking for.

How do I create a PURL?

There are a variety of tools available for creating PURLs, including open-source software like EZID or commercial options like PURL.org. Your organization may also have its own PURL server that you can use to create and manage your PURLs.

Are PURLs permanent?

While PURLs are designed to be “persistent,” they are still subject to the same issues as other links on the web, such as broken links, deleted resources, or changes in ownership. It is important to regularly check your PURLs and update them as needed to ensure that they continue to function properly.

Final Thoughts

PURLs are a useful tool for managing document pages that may change or be moved frequently. By redirecting users to the current page location, PURLs help to ensure that users can always find the content they are looking for without being redirected. By using a PURL server, organizations can create and manage their own PURLs, making it easy to update and maintain links over time.

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