What isQIC-EX

QIC-EX, short for Quarter Inch Cartridge Extra, is a magnetic tape cartridge from Verbatim that has a larger capacity than regular tapes. It is designed for older DC-2000 and Travan drives and is available in both .25″ and .315″ tape formats. With QIC-EX, you can store more data in a single cartridge and save on storage space and costs.


  • Deeper cartridge to handle longer tape
  • Available in .25″ and .315″ tape formats
  • Compatible with older DC-2000 and Travan drives
  • More data storage capacity than regular tapes
  • Cost-effective and space-saving storage solution


What is the difference between QIC-EX and regular QIC cartridges?

QIC-EX cartridges have a deeper cartridge to accommodate longer tape and thus have a higher capacity than regular QIC cartridges.

What drives are compatible with QIC-EX?

QIC-EX is designed for older DC-2000 and Travan drives.

Is QIC-EX a cost-effective solution for data storage?

Yes, QIC-EX offers a cost-effective and space-saving storage solution compared to other older storage options.

Get your QIC-EX magnetic tape cartridge now and save on storage costs!

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