What isQuickApp

Discover Bellevue, Washington’s Attachmate Corporation and their former software, QuickApp, which equipped client/server development platforms with screen-scraping capabilities. QuickApp allowed users to display mainframe terminal screens on their PC while scanning and recording them.

While QuickApp is no longer in use, Attachmate Corporation provides newer technologies like Synapta Smart Connectors, Synapta Presentation Builder, Enterprise Access Objects, or rewriting using HLLAPI and EXTRA! Developer API SDK to perform similar functions.


What is screen scraping?

Screen scraping is the process of extracting data displayed on the screen of a computer, either a mainframe or a PC.

What is Attachmate Corporation?

Attachmate Corporation is a software company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA.

Is QuickApp still available for use?

No, QuickApp is no longer in use. However, Attachmate Corporation offers newer technologies that can achieve similar functions.

Learn more about Attachmate Corporation’s screen-scraping options on www.attachmate.com.

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