What isQwest

Qwest, now merged with CenturyLink, is a telecommunications company that offers services to individuals, businesses, and carriers with a vast fiber-optic network across the United States and Mexico. Since its inception in 1988 as a Southern Pacific Railroad division called SP Construction, Qwest has come a long way.

In the mid-1990s, Qwest Transmission, Inc. was acquired by SP Telecom, which began offering fiber rental to carriers as well as digital microwave services. Later, it launched long-distance retail service in some cities at a record price of 7.5 cents per minute. In 2000, Qwest’s growth skyrocketed by acquiring U S WEST, a regional Bell operating firm with headquarters in Denver and service areas spanning 14 western US states. According to the company, its bandwidth exceeds that of AT&T, WorldCom, and Sprint combined.

Why Choose Qwest?

Qwest stands out in the telecommunications industry by providing an impressive fiber-optic network that covers a vast geographical area. Additionally, the company offers services to different types of clients, from households to multinational corporations, through their cutting-edge technologies.


What services does Qwest offer?

Qwest offers a range of services to residential, business, and carrier customers, including voice, internet, data, cloud, and managed services.

Does Qwest offer fiber-optic internet?

Yes, Qwest provides fiber-optic internet services to residences and businesses in select areas.

Is Qwest available nationwide?

No, Qwest’s services are available only in select areas in the United States and Mexico.

Experience High-Speed Connectivity with Qwest

Get high-speed and reliable connectivity with Qwest’s cutting-edge fiber-optic network. Whether you’re a single user or a large corporation, Qwest’s comprehensive range of services has got you covered. Contact Qwest today to learn more!

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