What isRFID interrogator

An RFID interrogator, also known as a RFID reader, is a device that can transmit and receive signals to read nearby RFID tags and determine their contents. It works on the principle of radio waves and can communicate with tags that are within its frequency range.

Key Features

The RFID interrogator consists of a transmitter and a receiver that can read RFID tags at varying distances, depending on the application. Like barcodes, credit cards, and ID cards, passive RFID tags must be brought closer to the reader’s antenna for scanning. While, active RFID tags with batteries can be read from a considerable distance, up to several hundred feet away from the reader.

Polarization: Circular vs. Linear

One crucial factor to consider while using RFID interrogator is the polarization of the antenna, whether it is linear or circular polarized. These antennas transmit data in straight lines, so it is essential to orient linear polarized antennas toward the RFID tags for consistent reading. This is especially useful while using conveyer belts for consistent reading of tags applied to the boxes.


What is the function of an RFID interrogator?

The function of an RFID interrogator is to read nearby RFID tags and determine their contents using radio waves, similar to barcodes.

How does an RFID interrogator work?

RFID interrogator works by transmitting and receiving signals that interact with RFID tags within its frequency range.

Can an RFID interrogator read tags at varying distances?

Yes, an RFID interrogator can read tags at varying distances, depending on the type of tag—passive or active, and the application for which it’s used.


RFID interrogator is an essential device that facilitates a range of applications, from inventory management to tracking lost pets. It can communicate with RFID tags within its frequency range, making it an efficient tool for many businesses and industries.

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