What isRISC System/6000

RISC System/6000 was the original name of IBM’s System p family of scientific workstations and servers. It was later rebranded as the Power Systems line. The RS/6000 line features IBM’s RISC-based POWER chip architecture, which paved the way to the implementation of both POWER and PowerPC CPUs in later models.

The RS/6000’s primary operating system was AIX (Unix). It initially supported the Micro Channel bus before switching to PCI. This system was widely used for scientific research, and many legacy applications still run on it.


What is RISC-based POWER chip architecture?

RISC-based POWER chip architecture is a technology that enables faster information processing by reducing the number of cycles required for each instruction by millions.

What is AIX?

AIX is a proprietary operating system developed by IBM for their hardware platforms. It is based on Unix and is commonly used in large enterprises and corporations.


RISC System/6000 was the predecessor of the Power Systems line from IBM. It was widely used in scientific research and is renowned for its RISC-based POWER chip architecture. It’s worth noting that many legacy applications still depend on this system.

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