What isrollable phone

Get ready to embrace the future of smartphones with the all-new rollable phone. Imagine having a smartphone with a retractable screen that functions just like a window shade. Unlike foldable phones, rollable phones fit much more compactly in your pocket or purse.

The Latest Innovation

The concept of rollable phones has become the talk of the town, with TCL and LG showcasing their models at CES 2021. However, the official release date has not yet been announced. With the rollable phone, you can say goodbye to the limitations that current smartphones have, offering an experience that’s truly unique.

The Perfect Solution

Rollable phones are a game-changer for people who love compact phones but don’t want to sacrifice screen size. Not only can you have a larger screen, but you can also roll it up when not in use, making it much more convenient to carry around. The rollable phone is perfect for people who enjoy traveling or attending events and want to capture high-quality photos and videos without having to carry a large device.


When will rollable phones be released?

As of now, the official release date has not been announced by TCL or LG, but we can expect to see them in the market soon.

How does a rollable phone work?

Rollable phones have a screen that can be extended or retracted by rolling it up or down, just like a window shade.

What makes rollable phones different from foldable phones?

Rollable phones are more compact and provide users with a larger, more flexible display. Foldable phones have a static hinge, whereas rollable phones can be rolled up and down, offering more flexibility.

The Future is Here

Are you ready to experience the future of smartphones? Stay tuned for official release dates, and be one of the first to take this revolutionary technology for a spin!

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