What isRS/6000

Discover IBM’s original scientific workstations and servers, the RS/6000. These machines were equipped with the RISC-based POWER chip architecture that later became known as the Power Systems line. The RS/6000 incorporated both POWER and PowerPC CPUs depending on the model.

The main operating system for these machines was AIX, which is a form of Unix. Initially, the RS/6000 supported the Micro Channel bus, but later models switched to PCI.


What does RS/6000 stand for?

RS/6000 was the original name of IBM’s System p family of scientific workstations and servers, and it stands for RISC System/6000.

What was the RS/6000’s operating system?

The RS/6000’s main operating system was AIX, a Unix-based system.

What kind of CPUs were implemented in the RS/6000?

Depending on the model, RS/6000 incorporated both POWER and PowerPC CPUs.

Final Thoughts

The IBM RS/6000 was a breakthrough in the world of computing, and its legacy is still evident in the current Power Systems line. Its powerful CPUs and Unix-based operating system made it a popular choice for scientific workstations and servers.

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