What isrun-of-network

Run-of-Network advertising is an online advertising system that displays rotating banner ads on various pages of a website. This type of advertising is a cost-effective solution compared to advertising on specific pages. In this program, a collection of websites receives ads from Run-of-Network, which rotates the banner ads on different pages of different websites.

How Does Run-of-Network Advertising Work?

In Run-of-Network advertising, your banner ad will appear randomly on various websites that are part of the network. The ad will show up on web pages deemed relevant by the network algorithm. This type of advertising is perfect for companies on a limited budget because it’s much cheaper to have your ad seen on various web pages rather than paying for space on specific websites. When users click on the ad-banner, they are taken to the advertiser’s website.

What Are the Advantages of Run-of-Network Advertising?

  • Lower cost compared to specific website advertising
  • Ability to reach a more extensive audience
  • Increased exposure for your brand or company
  • Easy to set up and monitor

What Are the Disadvantages of Run-of-Network Advertising?

  • May lack relevance to users if ads are not appropriately placed
  • May appear on low-quality websites
  • May attract accidental clicks or irrelevant users
  • May result in ad fatigue due to excessive repetition

In conclusion, Run-of-Network advertising is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and reach a broader audience while sticking to a budget. However, it may lack relevance to the user, and you may end up paying for ads on low-quality websites. Nonetheless, it’s an easy and effective way to get your brand exposed.

Try Run-of-Network advertising today and see how it can help increase your company’s exposure!

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