What isScreen Sketch

Unleash your creativity with Screen Sketch – a powerful tool for drawing and writing by hand on Windows 10. This feature is a part of the Windows Ink Workspace which offers a range of tools including Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch.

Screen Sketch was introduced in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and enables you to annotate, draw or write by hand directly onto a current screen capture. You can use different colors, pen types and even add text to enhance your annotations or markups.

Whether you are a creative professional or someone who needs to collaborate and share ideas, Screen Sketch is a must-have tool. It is easy to use, intuitive and offers a unique way of expressing your thoughts and ideas.

FAQs about Screen Sketch

1. How do I activate Screen Sketch?

You can activate Screen Sketch by opening the Windows Ink Workspace using either your mouse or the Windows Ink Workspace pen button on your digital pen. From there, click on “Screen sketch”. Alternatively, press the “Windows + Shift + S” keyboard shortcut to launch Screen Sketch directly.

2. Can I save my Screen Sketch annotations?

Yes, you can save your Screen Sketch annotations as an image file. Simply click on the save icon on the top right corner of the Screen Sketch window and choose your preferred format.

3. Can I share my Screen Sketch annotations with others?

Yes, you can easily share your Screen Sketch annotations with others via email, social media or cloud storage services. Simply save your annotations as an image file and share it with your desired platform.

Unlock your creativity with Screen Sketch and bring your ideas to life. Download Windows 10 now to experience this powerful tool.

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