What issecure ID token

A Secured ID token is an authentication method used by RSA to secure access to sensitive information. It is a small device or software that generates a unique code at predetermined intervals, usually every 60 seconds, which is used to access secure systems or data. The token can be hardware such as a key fob or software like a soft token.

The RSA SecurID token uses a built-in clock and a unique seed code to generate the authentication code. Each token contains a unique seed code that is loaded into RSA SecurID server as soon as it is purchased. When the user needs to access the secure information, they enter their username and password, and the RSA server sends an authentication request to their token. The token then generates a unique code, which the user enters into the system to gain access.

There are also on-demand tokens that send a token code to the user via email or SMS instead of provisioning a token for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Secured ID Token?

The purpose of a Secured ID Token is to provide secure authentication to access sensitive information. It adds an additional layer of security to the login process and helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

What happens if I lose my Secured ID Token?

If you lose your Secured ID Token, you must contact your administrator immediately to have it deactivated. You will then need to obtain a new token to continue using the secure system.

Can I have more than one Secured ID Token?

Yes, users can have multiple Secured ID Tokens associated with their account. This can be particularly useful for users who frequently travel or work remotely.

Overall, Secured ID Tokens provide an extra layer of security and are an essential tool in securing access to sensitive data.
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