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The future of racing has arrived, and it’s autonomous. Teams from over a dozen institutions gathered at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to compete in the Indy Autonomous Challenge as a part of the CES 2022. In a race where computers replaced drivers, these self-driving racecars were put to the test, reaching speeds of 150-170 mph.

Equipped with cameras, radar, and LIDAR, these self-driving vehicles were able to sense their surroundings and maneuver around the track with precision. The teams had already undergone time trials in 2021 to perfect their designs and programming for the competition in 2022.

While the drivers’ seats were empty, the competition was nothing short of exciting. The autonomous racecars navigated the track with ease, showcasing the potential for self-driving technology in high-speed events like car races.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Indy Autonomous Challenge?

The Indy Autonomous Challenge is a racing competition where teams develop self-driving racecars to compete against one another.

What technology do these self-driving racecars use?

The self-driving racecars use a combination of cameras, radar, and LIDAR to sense their environment and navigate the track.

How fast did these self-driving racecars go?

The self-driving racecars reached speeds between 150 to 170 mph during the competition.

Final Thoughts

The Indy Autonomous Challenge showcased the potential for self-driving technology in the world of high-speed racing. These self-driving racecars were able to navigate the track with precision, all without a driver behind the wheel. The autonomous racing competition is just the beginning of what’s to come for the future of self-driving cars.

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