What issentence completion

Predictive text is a feature that predicts the next word or phrase that a user will input while typing on a device. It works by analyzing the user’s typing history, common phrases and words they use, and other personal data such as social media and email accounts. Unlike autocorrect, predictive text suggests words or phrases before the user completes typing them.

How does Predictive Text Differ from Autocomplete?

Predictive Text and Autocomplete are often used interchangeably but they function differently. While Autocomplete feature only enters known addresses that have been used in the past, Predictive Text goes beyond that by using grammar, context, and personalized data to offer suggestions.

Can Predictive Text Access Private Data?

Yes, some predictive text applications may request access to a user’s social media accounts, email addresses, and other personal data in order to more accurately predict the words that they use on a daily basis. However, it is important to understand the privacy policy and terms of use before granting such access.

Make Your Typing Faster and More Accurate with Predictive Text!


  • Does predictive text improve over time? Yes, predictive text improves over time by learning the user’s typing habits and patterns.
  • Can I turn off Predictive Text? Yes, most devices allow the user to turn off Predictive Text in the settings.
  • Does Predictive Text work in all languages? Predictive Text works better in languages with a larger vocabulary and correct grammar.

Now that you know how Predictive Text works, get typing and let Predictive Text do the work for you!

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