What isserial mouse

A serial mouse is a type of computer mouse that connects to a computer’s serial port instead of USB or PS/2 ports. It was once the most popular option, but newer technologies have since taken over.

Serial mice communicate with a computer by sending signals through a serial interface, where it translates those signals into cursor movements on-screen. Although they are no longer widely used, serial mice can still be useful for older systems that lack newer ports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I still use a serial mouse on a modern computer?

A: It is rare for modern computers to have a serial port, but you can use an adapter to connect a serial mouse to a USB or PS/2 port.

Q: How do I install a serial mouse on my computer?

A: You need to plug the mouse’s serial connector into the serial port on your computer, and the device driver should install automatically.

While serial mice are no longer the go-to option for computer users, they are still an interesting piece of technology history. They can be used to connect to older systems or for those who prefer the feel and function of a serial mouse.

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