What isSimCity

SimCity, the instructional game created by Maxis, Inc. and now published by Electronic Arts, is a popular game for both adults and children, available on video game consoles. The game challenges you to create and develop a prosperous city with a well-planned infrastructure. You get to welcome residents to your city once you’ve set up a power plant, commercial and residential zones, motorways, and electric lines. SimCity offers you the power to influence politics, taxes, and even how natural disasters affect your city. It is an awesome game that offers hours of fun and creativity!


What is SimCity?

SimCity is an instructional game published by Electronic Arts, Inc. Its goal is to let you build a prosperous city with a good infrastructure

What do I need to start playing SimCity?

You can start playing SimCity on video game consoles. You need to set up a power plant, electric lines, motorways, and commercial and residential zones to get started

Can I control politics and taxes in SimCity?

Yes! SimCity allows you to influence politics, taxes and even how natural disasters affect your city


SimCity is an excellent game that lets you explore your creativity and problem-solving skills while building your own prosperous city. If you’re looking for an engaging and exciting game, then SimCity is a great choice!

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