What isSmart Park

Smart Park is a game-changing technology that helps drivers locate vacant parking spaces easily. This system uses sensors in each parking area to detect vehicles and directs cars to available parking spaces through signs strategically placed at convenient locations.

One of the most groundbreaking applications of this technology is at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport where their Smart Park system replaced the methodology of closing the parking lot gates when they hit 90% occupancy. Under the new system, the parking garages are only closed when they are at 99% capacity.

FAQs about Smart Park

How does Smart Park work?

Smart Park uses sensors installed in the parking lot to detect and locate empty parking spaces. The information is transmitted to signs and displays which direct drivers to empty spots.

What are the advantages of using Smart Park technology?

Smart Park technology saves drivers time and money, reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, and eliminates the frustration of searching for parking spaces.

Which cities or establishments are currently using Smart Park?

Smart Park is currently being used in several cities, airports, shopping malls, and hospitals around the world.

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