What issoft radio

Get ready to unwind with Soft Radio, the perfect soundtrack to your chill moments. This underground radio station combines trip-hop, lofi, lounge, chillout, and quiet music to create a unique and tranquil listening experience. You’ll hear some of the best musicians in this genre, including Moby, Bonobo, Coldcut, Air, Massive Attack, and many more.

Whether you’re looking for background music while you work or study, or just need to destress after a long day, Soft Radio has got you covered. Tune in and let the soothing beats take you to another world.


How can I listen to Soft Radio?

You can listen to Soft Radio online by visiting our website and clicking on the play button. You can also download our app on your mobile device and listen on the go.

Can I make song requests?

Unfortunately, we do not take song requests at this time. However, we’re always looking for new and exciting music to add to our playlist, so feel free to send us your suggestions.

Is Soft Radio commercial-free?

Yes, we are a commercial-free radio station.

Final Thoughts

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of Soft Radio. With a mix of trip-hop, lofi, lounge, and chillout music, you’ll feel transported to a peaceful and serene world.

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