What isSoundShirt

The SoundShirt is a revolutionary garment designed for the deaf and hard of hearing. It is made of a high-quality microfiber fabric with 16 built-in actuators that create a sensory experience for the wearer. Each actuator is connected to a specific instrument in an orchestra, such as a violin, horn, or drum set.

With the SoundShirt, you can feel the music in a way you never thought was possible. The actuators vibrate and produce a physical sensation, allowing you to identify which instrument is playing. Imagine experiencing a live performance of your favorite band or orchestra through touch alone!

The SoundShirt has been featured in several international exhibitions and has been lauded for its innovative design to help the deaf community experience music. It is the perfect gift for any music lover who is deaf or hard of hearing.


How does the SoundShirt work?

The SoundShirt is equipped with 16 actuators that are synchronized with a specific instrument’s vibration. As the music plays, the actuators vibrate with varying intensity, allowing the wearer to feel the music as if they were experiencing it through sound.

Can the SoundShirt be washed?

Yes, the SoundShirt is made of microfiber fabric and can be washed like any other garment. However, it is recommended to wash it on a gentle cycle and let it air-dry to keep the actuators working correctly.

Is the SoundShirt only for the deaf community?

While the SoundShirt was designed with the deaf and hard of hearing community in mind, anyone can experience music in a unique and exciting way with the SoundShirt.

Get your SoundShirt today and discover a new way to experience your favorite music.

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