What issource code documentation

Source code documentation refers to the process of explaining in plain language what a program’s source code does. This documentation is essential for understanding and modifying the code in the future. From extensive to nonexistent documentation, the history of programming has seen it all, with lack of documentation leading to serious issues.

The Importance of Explicit Naming

Every programmer must name each function, variable and constant they create. But, they are free to choose any name they like. For example, instead of using “MakeUpperCase” function, a programmer can use “makeUC”, “upc” or “aj7kd6mk”. This random naming often leads to misunderstanding and confusion among developers. Thus, documentation with clear and explicit naming is essential.

Why is Source Code Documentation Important?

  • It helps understand code easily and quickly
  • It helps in code maintenance and prevents future issues
  • It helps in collaboration between multiple developers
  • It helps new developers to onboard and work on the project efficiently


What is source code?

Source code refers to the code written by developers in a programming language. It is used to create software applications, websites, and other programs.

What is the difference between source code and object code?

Source code is the human-readable version of the code, while object code is the machine-readable version created after the compilation of source code.

What should be included in source code documentation?

Source code documentation should include code explanation, comments, explicit naming and usage instructions. It can be in the form of code comments, external documentation or in-line documentation.

Concluding Thoughts

Source code documentation is crucial for programming projects. Without proper documentation, developers may find it difficult to understand, debug and maintain the code. Thus, explicit naming with clear explanations should be an essential part of the source code itself.

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