What isSQLWindows

SQLWindows is an established application development system that was developed by Unify Company based in Sacramento, California. This software was specifically designed to create 16-bit Windows applications that could help in client/server programming for SQL databases.

One of the significant features of SQLWindows is its advanced technology, which allows users to generate code faster and increase the efficiency of the process. In the past, the demo version of SQLWindows Solo was available to users who only had access to its basic features.

In 2006, Unify purchased SQLWindows from Gupta Technologies. The software is still widely used by professionals in the industry which shows its relevance and popularity even after so many years.

FAQs about SQLWindows

What is SQLWindows?

SQLWindows is a high-level application development system that was developed by Unify Company. It is used for creating client/server programmes that access SQL databases.

What are the significant features of SQLWindows?

SQLWindows come with many advanced features that can speed up the coding process and increase efficiency. Some of the features include database access libraries, network support, an advanced debugger, a visual screen painter, and much more.

Is SQLWindows still being used today?

Yes, SQLWindows is still a popular choice among developers in the industry. Even after so many years, its relevance has not diminished because of its advanced features and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

SQLWindows is an advanced application development system that has proven its efficiency and effectiveness over the years. It was designed for creating client/server programmes that access SQL databases, which makes it a valuable tool in the industry. If you are a developer or programmer looking for an efficient way to code, SQLWindows could be the answer to your needs.

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