What isStorm2

Storm2 was the first BlackBerry phone with a multitouch screen, providing users with a smoother and more familiar navigation experience similar to other smartphones in 2009. Unlike the original Storm, the Storm2 utilized a traditional touchscreen interface, without the need to depress the screen. Additionally, Wi-Fi support was added to the Storm2, which was missing from the first generation phone.

While the original Storm was not a great success, the Storm2 marked a significant step in BlackBerry’s development towards more modern and user-friendly technology. However, a few years later, the BlackBerry Z10 offered further functionality and performance upgrades.


Was Storm2 the first BlackBerry phone with Wi-Fi?

No, Wi-Fi support was not present on the first-generation BlackBerry Storm phone, but it was added to the Storm2.

Did Storm2 sell well?

It was a step in the right direction for BlackBerry technology, but sales figures were not released.

What was the Storm2’s main competitor at the time?

The Storm2’s main competitor was the iPhone 3GS that was released around the same time.

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