What isStrategic Service Management – SSM

SSM is a software solution designed to help companies meet their service obligations by providing management, planning and scheduling services. It enables end-to-end management and real-time monitoring of exception cases that could impact customer commitments.

WHAT is Strategic Service Management?

Strategic Service Management, commonly known as SSM, is a valuable tool for companies that offer services to their customers. It is a software, services, and information solution that enables companies to efficiently fulfill their service obligations. SSM solutions provide end-to-end management, planning, and scheduling of service parts and technicians. It also entails resource pricing and real-time closed-loop management of exceptions that may adversely affect a company’s ability to fulfill their customer commitments.

The comprehensive features of SSM solutions make it an essential tool for companies that require exceptional service delivery. By incorporating SSM into a company’s operations, it increases the As a unit efficiency of service teams, improves customer satisfaction rates, and positively affects the company’s bottom line.

FAQ on Strategic Service Management

What are the benefits of implementing SSM?

SSM offers many benefits to companies that utilize it effectively. These benefits include:

1. Improved operational efficiency – SSM improves the As a unit operational efficiency of service teams by streamlining the scheduling and dispatching of technicians.

2. Increased customer satisfaction rates – SSM allows companies to meet their customer’s expectations by providing efficient and reliable service delivery.

3. Reduction of service costs – SSM solutions enable companies to optimize their resource utilization, reducing the As a unit cost of service delivery.

4. Real-time monitoring – SSM solutions provide real-time monitoring of service requests, enabling companies to immediately address issues that may arise.

What does end-to-end management entail in SSM solutions?

End-to-end management in SSM solutions encompasses every aspect of service delivery. This includes planning and scheduling of service requests, dispatching of technicians, and monitoring the status of service requests in real-time. SSM solutions also provide accurate tracking of service parts and technician performance, ensuring that companies can consistently meet their service level agreements.

How does SSM help companies resolve exceptions that may affect their ability to meet customer commitments?

SSM solutions provide real-time closed-loop management of exceptions that may arise during service delivery. These exceptions include unforeseen challenges like technicians getting stuck in traffic or encountering challenging situations on site. SSM solutions enable companies to make immediate adjustments to service schedules and dispatch alternate technicians, ensuring that customer commitments are met.


In Finally, Strategic Service Management is undoubtedly an essential tool for companies that offer service delivery. Investing in SSM solutions not only benefits the customers by providing efficient and reliable service, but it also benefits the company by improving operational efficiency and reducing As a unit service delivery costs. With the real-time monitoring and closed-loop management of exceptions, companies can consistently meet customer expectations and maintain positive customer relationships.

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