What isStreettalk

Streettalk is a directory service that was initially developed by Banyan Systems for their VINES network operating system. It has been widely recognized for its accuracy and reliability throughout its existence. Streettalk is also compatible with Windows NT and other operating systems.

With Streettalk, users can create folders and seamlessly manage shared documents. The 32-bit Windows client, known as Streettalk Desktop, enhances the experience by providing a user-friendly interface that boosts productivity. Collaborating on large files and keeping track of documents have never been easier.

Why Choose Streettalk?

  • Highly accurate and dependable directory service
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems
  • User-friendly interface for efficient document sharing
  • Streamlines collaboration on shared documents
  • Ensures organized file management

How Does Streettalk Work?

Streettalk performs directory functions, including authentication and naming services, to provide users with up-to-date information on network resources and users. It provides a central location to manage and share documents, eliminating the need for complex file sharing processes.

With Streettalk Desktop, users can create folders, mark documents as read or unread, and share documents with fellow network users. Its easy-to-use interface ensures users can manage documents and collaborate more efficiently than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Streettalk?

Streettalk is a directory service that enables efficient document sharing and collaboration among users on a network.

What operating systems are compatible with Streettalk?

Streettalk is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Banyan Systems’ VINES network operating system and Windows NT.

What is Streettalk Desktop?

Streettalk Desktop is a 32-bit Windows client that provides a user-friendly interface for managing shared documents and streamlining collaboration among users on a network.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Users Today

Choose Streettalk for accurate and reliable directory services that simplify document sharing and collaboration. Try it now and experience seamless file management like never before.

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