What isStruts

Struts is a widely-used framework for creating web-based Java applications with a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. It offers developers a set of tools that enable them to streamline their development process and build highly scalable web applications more efficiently.

How does Struts work?

At its core, Struts relies on the MVC architecture, which separates the application logic into three separate components: Models, Views and Controllers. The Models represent the data of the application, while the Views provide the user interface. The Controller acts as an intermediary between the two and translates user actions into changes in the Model.

Struts simplifies this process by providing developers with a framework to manage all their application components with specific tags, including forms, HTML rendering, data storage, and retrieval. This allows developers to build web pages and applications using JSP pages with ease.

What are the benefits of using Struts?

Using Struts can provide developers with many benefits, including:

  • Clear separation of concerns between models, views, and controllers
  • Increased development speed and productivity
  • Reduced risk of errors and bugs
  • Improved maintainability of applications over time
  • Robust and scalable application architecture


Struts is a powerful framework for building Java web applications that makes it easy for developers to create highly scalable, maintainable, and user-friendly applications using an MVC architecture. By providing a set of powerful tools and specific tags for creating web pages and applications, developers can quickly create web-based Java applications with less effort.


What is an MVC architecture?

It’s an architecture pattern where the application is split into three parts: the model, the view, and the controller. The model contains the data of the application, the view provides the user interface, and the controller acts as an intermediary between them, translating user input into changes in the model.

What are some other popular Java web frameworks?

There are many popular Java web frameworks, including Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Play Framework, and Vaadin.

Can Struts be used for small projects?

Yes! While Struts is commonly used for large-scale projects, it can be used for smaller projects as well. In fact, using Struts for smaller projects can be particularly useful for reducing the risk of bugs and maintaining the application over time.

Is Struts hard to learn?

While there is a learning curve to using Struts, it is generally considered to be one of the more accessible web frameworks available for Java developers. Struts documentation is extensive and many resources can be found online if you need further assistance.

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