What isstutter tone

Stutter tone is the sound produced by computerized voicemail systems to alert users when they have new messages to retrieve. It is a brief alarm that can be heard when the receiver is picked up or the talk button is pressed to place a call. This tone is commonly used in various phone systems to notify users of new messages.

How Does Stutter Tone Work?

When a caller leaves a voicemail message, the system stores it on a server until the recipient is ready to retrieve it. When the recipient lifts the receiver or presses the talk button to place a call, the system checks for any new messages. If there are new messages, the system generates the stutter tone to alert the user. The tone is usually a few seconds long and repeated a number of times to ensure the user is aware of the new message. Once the voicemail has been listened to or marked as read, the system stops generating the stutter tone.


Why is it called a stutter tone?

The sound is called a stutter tone because it is created by a series of brief tones that repeat in a pattern. The pattern is usually two tones close together, followed by a short pause, and then repeated several times. This creates a “stuttering” sound which makes it distinctive and noticeable.

Can I turn off the stutter tone?

It depends on the specific voicemail system you are using. Some systems allow users to turn off the stutter tone notification sound, while others do not. You can refer to the voicemail system manual or contact the service provider if you want to turn off or modify the stutter tone notification.

What other notification methods are used for voicemail alerts?

Aside from stutter tone, some voicemail systems also use other notification methods such as email alerts, SMS messages, or visual notifications on the phone’s screen or LED. These other methods can provide a more subtle or discreet way of alerting users to new voicemails.

Next time you hear a brief alarm after picking up the phone, you know it’s the stutter tone alerting you to a new voicemail message.

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