What issubstring

A substring is a part of an alphanumeric field or variable that is extracted using the substring function in a computer language. For example, the programming statement substr(prodcode,4,3) would remove characters 4, 5, and 6 from a product code field or variable.

What is a substring used for?

Substrings are commonly used when working with large strings or text data. They can be used to extract specific portions of a string that are needed for further processing or analysis.

How to use substring function

The syntax for using substring function in most programming languages is as follows: substring(string, start position, length). The function takes three arguments:

  • string: the alphanumeric field or variable you want to extract the substring from
  • start position: the position of the first character you want to extract (the first character in the field or variable is position 1)
  • length: the number of characters you want to extract


Substring is a useful function that allows you to extract specific parts of a string or text data. It’s commonly used when working with large strings or text data and can be easily implemented in most programming languages.


What is the use of substring in SQL?

In SQL, the substring function is used to extract a part of a string. This function takes three arguments: the input string, the starting position from which the substring needs to be extracted, and the length of the substring.

What is the difference between substring and substr?

Substring and substr are similar functions used to extract substrings from a string, with the main difference being their syntax and the number of arguments they take. Substring generally takes three arguments, while substr takes two arguments – the input string and the starting position.

Can I use substring to replace characters in a string?

No, substring function is used to extract a part of a string and cannot be used to replace characters in a string. For replacing characters, you can use the replace function in most programming languages.

What is the maximum length of substring I can extract?

The maximum length of substring that can be extracted depends on the length of the original string and the programming language being used. However, most programming languages have a maximum limit of 2 billion characters for strings.

Overall, substring is a vital function when working with large strings or text data in any programming languages.

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