What isSUHD

Looking for a TV experience like no other? Look no further than Samsung’s SUHD TV range! SUHD stands for “Super Ultra High Definition” TV, offering four times the resolution of a full HD TV. That’s not all, though!

What is SUHD technology?

Samsung’s SUHD TVs use quantum dot technology, which enhances the brightness, color, and contrast of the image. Simply put, quantum dots are microscopic particles that emit light of different colors depending on their size. This technology creates an incredibly uniform backlight, bringing stunningly realistic colors and true-to-life images to your screen.

Is there a difference between SUHD and QLED?

While Samsung previously used the SUHD branding for their 8K TVs, the first commercial 8K TV released in 2018 featured the QLED label. QLED stands for “Quantum dot LED” and uses a similar technology to SUHD, with the added benefit of being brighter and even more color accurate.

Why should you choose SUHD?

With superior color and brightness quality, Samsung’s SUHD range will transform the way you watch TV. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie or the big game, you’ll be able to enjoy crystal-clear picture quality and vivid colors, bringing the action to life on your screen. It’s perfect for avid gamers or those who love binge-watching their favorite TV shows.


What is the difference between Ultra HD and SUHD?

Ultra HD refers to 4K resolution, while SUHD is a marketing term from Samsung for their high-end 4K TVs that use quantum dot technology. SUHD TVs offer more vibrant and accurate colors, better brightness and contrast, and a wider viewing angle.

Is SUHD worth the extra cost?

If you’re a movie or sports buff and want the best picture quality available, then investing in an SUHD TV is definitely worth it. With its quantum dot technology, images on an SUHD TV are incredibly vivid and lifelike.

Do you need special cables for SUHD TVs?

No, SUHD TVs are compatible with standard HDMI cables.

Upgrade your viewing experience with Samsung’s SUHD technology today!

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