What isSuperchip

Superchip was a company established by Gene Amdahl in 1979 to market wafer scale integration and to create supercomputers. The company raised a record-breaking quarter of a billion dollars, but unfortunately was unable to produce the 2.5″ superchip that they had promised. In 1984, the superchip project and supercomputers development were abandoned.

Despite its short-lived existence, Superchip played a significant role in the technology industry. The large funding round it attracted was groundbreaking and sparked interest in the development of supercomputers. The company’s acquisition of Trilogy Corporation, a producer of VAX-compatible systems, also added to its legacy.


What is a superchip?

A superchip refers to a microprocessor that can manage numerous tasks at once, which could make a supercomputer faster and more efficient.

Who is Gene Amdahl?

Gene Amdahl is a computer architect who was involved in the development of numerous computer systems, including the IBM 360. He established his company, Superchip, in 1979.

Why did Superchip fail?

Superchip failed due to its inability to produce the promised 2.5″ superchip. This failure led to the abandonment of the superchip project and the development of supercomputers.

Today, the world relies heavily on supercomputers in various fields, including science, finance, and even entertainment. Looking back in history, Superchip played a significant role in the development of these technological advancements.

So, if you ever hear about Superchip or come across it in your research, now you know its significance in the world of technology!

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