What issystem on a chip

A System on a Chip, abbreviated as SoC, is a miniaturized electronic circuit that integrates multiple computing components on a single microchip. Previously, these components had to be manufactured separately and then combined manually. But with SoC, all processing units necessary to run a computing device can be placed on a single chip.

SoC has enabled us to hold the power of complex computers on our hands. It has also reduced power consumption as more and more processing units can be added without increasing the size of the microchip.

General and Specialized Purposes

SoCs combine both general-purpose and specialized circuitry in a single chip. It runs multiple general-purpose CPU cores that perform software instructions simultaneously and reduces the need to have dedicated chips for specialized hardware. For example, SoCs have specialized graphics processing units that render images and pixels on computer screens, an image processor for camera operations, and increasingly, an AI processor, which manages computations necessary for AI solutions.


What is the benefit of SoC?

SoC provides the benefit of integrating all essential computing components onto a single chip, reducing power consumption and the form factor of the chip.

What specialized circuits do SoCs have?

SoCs have specialized circuits like graphics processing, image processing, and AI processing.

What processors are used in SoCs?

SoCs use both general-purpose and specialized processors.


SoC has revolutionized the electronics industry by integrating all necessary computing hardware in a single chip, reducing power consumption and form factor. With specialized circuits, SoCs have become a critical component in smartphones, cameras, car infotainment systems, and various other applications.

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