SYSTIMAX, also known as a “PreMises Distribution System” (PDS), is a powerful structured connectivity system developed by Bell Labs. It is composed of software, physical interfaces, and cables, allowing maximum flexibility and uptime for open architectural networks.

Benefits of SYSTIMAX

  • Improved flexibility: With SYSTIMAX, you can easily add, remove, or modify connections without disrupting your network.
  • Increased uptime: SYSTIMAX is designed to minimize downtime and system failure, ensuring that your network runs smoothly at all times.
  • Better performance: The system uses advanced software and technologies to deliver superior network performance and reduce latency.
  • Easier maintenance: SYSTIMAX’s modular design allows for easy maintenance and upgrades, reducing the cost and downtime associated with network maintenance.


What is a PDS?

PDS stands for “PreMises Distribution System.” It is a comprehensive cabling system that is designed to support open architecture networks.

What are the components of SYSTIMAX?

SYSTIMAX is made up of various components, including software, physical interfaces, and cables. These work together to provide maximum flexibility and uptime for your network.

What are the benefits of using SYSTIMAX?

SYSTIMAX offers numerous benefits, including increased flexibility, uptime, performance, and easier maintenance and upgrades. All of these can help to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your network.

Final Thoughts

Overall, SYSTIMAX is a powerful and flexible structured connectivity system that can help to improve the performance and reliability of your network. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current system or build a new network from scratch, SYSTIMAX is a top-performing solution that is sure to deliver excellent results.

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