What isT1 font

T1 fonts are the most commonly used PostScript fonts, typically used for printing or high-quality graphic design. In Windows, each typeface consists of a.PFB and.PFM file, both of which are stored in the PSFONTS and PSFONTSPFM directories respectively.

While PSFONTS files are usually located in the WINDOWSPSFONTS folder, the Adobe Type Manager introduced with Windows 95/98 enables users to view font properties, including file names. For example, the popular Garamond typeface is created using multiple files.

FAQs about T1 Fonts

What is the difference between T1 fonts and TrueType fonts?

T1 fonts are PostScript fonts, while TrueType fonts are created by Microsoft. T1 fonts are typically used in higher-end graphic design projects, while TrueType fonts are more common for everyday use.

Can T1 fonts be used on a website?

No, T1 fonts cannot be used directly on a website. However, they can be converted to web-safe fonts or non-PostScript formats that browsers can display.


T1 fonts are highly versatile and widely used in graphic design and printing. Understanding their file structure and usage can help designers and printers to make the most of this popular font format.

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