What isTandem

Tandem Computers, founded by James Treybig in 1974, revolutionized the world of computing by producing fault-tolerant computers. Being the first to target the online reservation and money transfer sector for transaction processing (OLTP), Tandem computers were built to operate seamlessly in financial institutions like banks, stock exchanges, credit card businesses, and ATMs.

The company’s most significant offering was the MIPS-based Himalaya series, which ran Tandem’s Guardian OS and NonStop kernel, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability in mission-critical operations.

Compaq Computer acquired Tandem in 1997, followed by HP in 2002. However, the legacy of Tandem technology continues in the form of NonStop servers from HP Enterprise after the company split into two firms, which is still preferred by financial institutions worldwide.


What are fault-tolerant computers?

Fault-tolerant computers have the capability to continue functioning and processing data even if a part or component fails. These computers are designed to ensure maximum uptime and minimize data loss in mission-critical operations.

What is OLTP?

OLTP stands for Online Transaction Processing. It refers to a class of software applications that enable transaction-oriented operations in real-time. Examples of OLTP systems include banking, airline reservation, and online shopping systems.

Final Thoughts

Tandem Computers, with its innovative approach and groundbreaking technology, transformed the computing industry and paved the way for fault-tolerant computing. Its legacy continues to inspire and guide the development of mission-critical systems around the world.

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