What isTarget Mode

Target Mode is a convenient function for Mac users to transfer files between two Macs easily. This function can be activated by directly connecting two Macs using FireWire or Thunderbolt. Once the Macs are connected, switch on the target mode by holding down the T key, while booting one of the Macs. This will display the drives of the booted Mac on the desktop of the other Mac.

This function doesn’t require any special software or complicated set up, making it ideal for quick file-transfer. You can use it to transfer large files such as videos, audio, or images between the two machines.

It is important to remember that in Target Mode, unauthorized drag-and-drop of files is possible, so ensure that it is deactivated after the completion of the transfer. Once the file transfer is complete, simply eject the TDM drive of the booted Mac from the host Mac’s desktop.


1. Can I use Target Mode to transfer data between a Mac and a PC?

No, Target Mode is only supported for Mac to Mac file-transfer and cannot be used for transferring files between Macs and PCs.

2. Can I access the internet while my Mac is in Target Mode?

No, Target Mode is designed to disable all non-essential services including the internet and only enable quick file transfer service.


If you need to transfer files quickly and effectively between two Macs, Target Mode is an easy-to-use function that doesn’t require any extra software or preparation. By following a few simple steps, you can transfer large files like videos, images, or audio in a matter of minutes.

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