What isTrack Changes

The track changes feature in word processing allows users to keep track of modifications made to an original document, which is useful for document collaboration. Depending on the programme used, changes and formatting may be noted in various ways. Microsoft Office Word 2007 utilises balloons to indicate changes made to text, comments, deletions, or formatting. Users can also alter the font colour used to display tracked changes and comments.

WHAT is Track Changes and How is it used in Word Processing?

Track changes is a feature in word processing programmes that keep track of any modifications made to a document. It is ideal for writers or team collaborations to see the changes made in a document without losing its original context.

How Does Track Changes Work?

When you turn on track changes, every amendment made in the document will be marked and recorded in specific ways. The changes can include newly added text or deletions, formatting changes, or comments.

Depending on the word processing software you use, the changes are shown visually in different ways. In Microsoft Office Word 2007, for example, balloons show modifications made in the document. 

Why Use Track Changes?

Track changes is an excellent tool for writers, editors or teams who need to make document modifications in a collaborative process. Instead of sending a document back and forth via email, the document’s participants can make their modifications and add comments in the same document without losing the original context of the document.

It is also ideal for writers who need to keep a record of the changes made in the document. In this way, writers can go back and review what has been changed and why.

How to Turn on Track Changes?

The steps to turn on track changes vary among word processing programmes.

In Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can turn on track changes by:

  1. Clicking the Review tab on the ribbon menu
  2. Selecting the Track Changes button in the Tracking group to turn on or off the feature

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+SHIFT+E” to turn tracking on or off.

How to Customise Track Changes?

Word processing programs usually provide multiple customisation options on track changes. For example, Microsoft Office Word 2007 allows you to customise the font, colour, and style of the tracked changes or comments. You can do this by:

  1. Clicking the Review tab on the ribbon menu
  2. Selecting the Track Changes button in the Tracking group to turn on or off the feature
  3. Clicking the Change Tracking Options button in Tracking group to open the Customisations dialogue box
  4. Selecting formatting options, such as font colour or style, from the dialogue box

Final Thoughts

Track changes is one of the essential tools in word processing for collaborations and document modifications. It allows any changes made in the document to be recorded and shown visually without erasing its original context. With the customisation options, the tracked changes can be differentiated in different colours or styles to make document editing even more manageable.

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