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Gene Amdahl established a business in 1979 to create supercomputers using wafer scale integration. Although it raised a record quarter of a billion dollars, the company failed to produce the 2.5″ superchip, leading to the abandonment of both projects in 1984. The company was later purchased by Trilogy Corporation, which produced VAX-compatible systems, and ultimately merged with Elxsi Corporation.

FAQs About Amdahl Corporation

What is Amdahl Corporation?

Amdahl Corporation was a business created by Gene Amdahl in 1979. The company’s main goal was to market wafer scale integration and develop supercomputers. It was also known for raising the largest startup fundraising round in history, raising a quarter of a billion dollars.

What happened to Amdahl Corporation?

Although the company had high aspirations, it was unable to produce the 2.5″ superchip and had to abandon both the superchip project and the development of supercomputers in 1984. The same year, Trilogy Corporation, a producer of VAX-compatible systems, purchased Amdahl Corporation. Eventually, Trilogy merged with Elxsi Corporation.

Why was Amdahl Corporation unable to produce the 2.5″ superchip?

Despite the large amount of funding raised, Amdahl Corporation faced many challenges in the production of the 2.5″ superchip. Conducting operations on this scale was a relatively new concept at the time, and the technical difficulties were significant. Ultimately, the project proved to be too difficult to complete.

What was the impact of Amdahl Corporation’s failure?

Amdahl Corporation’s failure to produce the 2.5″ superchip led to the company’s inability to compete with its rival companies. The inability to produce the superchip significantly impacted the company. However, the sale of the company to Trilogy Corporation, which had already established itself as a producer of VAX-compatible systems, helped to sustain some part of Amdahl Corporation’s legacy and operation.

The meat

Amdahl Corporation was a significant player in the supercomputer and wafer scale integration industry. Its high aspirations and achievement in raising a quarter of a billion dollars made it the largest fundraising round in history. Unfortunately, the company was unable to produce the 2.5″ superchip, which led to it being acquired by Trilogy Corporation in 1985. The merger with Elxsi Corporation eventually led to the end of Amdahl Corporation’s operations. Although the company’s legacy faded over time, it was a notable example of what happens when technological ambition outstrips practical realities.

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