DisplayHDR is a VESA specification for high dynamic range (HDR) performance on display panels, with five tiers available for LCD screens and three for OLED displays. To receive DisplayHDR certification, a TV or monitor must have HDR10 capability.

What is DisplayHDR certification for monitors and TVs?

DisplayHDR is a certification program developed by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) that sets industry standards for HDR performance on display panels. This program ensures that monitors and TVs that meet these standards offer a high-quality HDR viewing experience to the users. HDR, or high dynamic range, refers to a display technology that supports greater contrast between the brightest and darkest parts of an image, resulting in a more vibrant and lifelike picture quality.

How many tiers of DisplayHDR are available for LCD and OLED screens?

Currently, DisplayHDR offers five tiers for LCD screens and only three for OLED displays. The tiers range from basic HDR performance to the most advanced one, with each higher level requiring more demanding specifications.

What is the minimum requirement for a TV or monitor to be DisplayHDR certified?

To be certified as DisplayHDR, a TV or monitor must have HDR10 capability. HDR10 is a standard for HDR content, and it ensures that HDR images are properly displayed on the screen. With HDR10 capability, a TV or monitor can reproduce a wider range of colors, brightness, and contrast for HDR content.

What are the benefits of DisplayHDR certification for monitors and TVs?

DisplayHDR certification provides several benefits to the users. Firstly, it ensures that the TV or monitor meets quality standards for HDR performance, resulting in a superior picture quality with more vivid colors, deeper blacks, and brighter highlights. Secondly, it allows the users to easily compare different models and brands based on their HDR capabilities, ensuring they get the best value for their money. Finally, it ensures compatibility with HDR content, making it easier for the users to enjoy movies, TV shows, and games in stunning HDR visual quality.

In The pronouncement, DisplayHDR certification is becoming increasingly important in the world of monitors and TVs. It sets industry standards for HDR quality, helping users make informed choices when buying displays. With HDR10 capability and meeting the specifications for DisplayHDR certification, users can enjoy a superior viewing experience with wider color gamut, brightness, and contrast.

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