What isvideocast

Vidcasts, also known as video podcasts or vodcasts, utilize the same RSS syndication method as podcasts to provide video content for portable viewing.

What is a Vidcast?

A vidcast, also referred to as a vodcast, vcast, or videocast, is an online video series and is the video version of a podcast. Similar to a podcast, a vidcast uses RSS syndication to distribute its content to subscribers. A vidcast is a video created for portable viewing and consumption.

Initially, vidcasts were made for portable devices like iPods and MP3 players. However, as mobile devices have become more sophisticated, vidcasts are now viewed on smartphones and tablets. Podcasts were created first because of the increasing use of portable devices to access online content. However, they lacked visual content, and the solution was vidcasts.

How does a Vidcast work?

Vidcasts work similarly to podcasts. They use RSS, along with a unique URL, which is typically embedded on a website, to deliver content to subscribers. It allows users to download a video directly to their device for future consumption. However, users don’t need to download the video to their device because vidcasts can be streamed directly from the internet.

The advantage of vidcasts over other forms of video content is the ability to stream or download the video content to any device, allowing users to watch their favorite shows on the go, regardless of their mobile device’s screen size. Vidcasts are particularly useful for creating mobile-friendly and on-the-go video content since they are optimized for streaming on low-quality connections.


Q1. Is watching a vidcast similar to watching a TV show?

A: Yes, vidcasts can be seen as the micro-TV shows since they are typically short and easy to consume. Like TV shows, vidcasts have themes, installments, and various episodes.

Q2. Is it possible to monetize vidcasts?

A: It is possible to monetize vidcasts in various ways. One way to monetize vidcasts is through sponsorships or advertisements. Alternatively, creators might set up a donation system where their viewers can donate a set amount to support their work. Another way to monetize a vidcast is through premium subscriptions, where viewers pay a premium fee for exclusive content.

Q3. How can I find vidcasts to stream or subscribe to?

A: Various directories and aggregators contain a list of vidcasts that are free to stream or subscribe to. These directories include sites like iTunes, Google Play, and others. Alternatively, vidcast creators usually have links embedded on their websites for users to subscribe to their content.

Q4. Can I create my vidcast?

A: Yes, anyone can create a vidcast. However, creating quality vidcasts requires an investment in equipment and editing software, as well as a strong online presence to attract viewers and subscribers.

The finishing touch

Vidcasts are a convenient and increasingly popular way to keep up with video content online. The use of RSS syndication, combined with unique URLs, distributes quality video content quickly and efficiently to users’ devices. Vidcasts have enabled the production of mobile-friendly, on-the-go video content for users and creators. With a wide range of niches and genres available, there is sure to be a vidcast for everyone.

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