What isVisual Basic Control

The Visual Basic Extension (VBE) from Microsoft enabled programmers to enhance the capabilities of Visual Basic programs by using pre-built software modules, also known as Visual Basic Controls. These controls were indistinguishable to end-users from other elements of the application. Microsoft’s initial component architecture, VBXs, was replaced by 32-bit OCXs, which were called OLE controls or ActiveX controls, and which replaced 16-bit VBXs.

What is VBE?

VBE (Visual Basic EXtension) is a Microsoft software component that allowed Visual Basic (Windows) programs to enhance their capabilities by calling pre-built software modules. These pre-built software modules are known as Visual Basic Controls, and they were seamlessly integrated into the application for the end-user’s convenience.

History of VBE

Microsoft’s first component architecture was VBXs, which are 16-bit Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) that extended the capabilities of Visual Basic programs. However, as the Windows platform moved towards 32-bit computing, VBXs became obsolete. In their place, Microsoft introduced 32-bit OCXs (OLE controls/ActiveX controls) as a replacement for 16-bit VBXs.

The introduction of OCXs was a turning point for Microsoft as they were more advanced than their predecessors. OCXs allowed for more efficient use of system resources and enabled better integration with other applications. Furthermore, ActiveX controls were widely adopted by developers as a component technology due to their compatibility with a vast range of programming languages and platforms.


What are Visual Basic Controls?

Visual Basic Controls, also known as VB Controls, are software modules that extend the capabilities of Visual Basic programs. These controls are pre-built, and developers can use them to add functionality such as buttons, drop-down lists, and menus to their applications.

What are OCXs?

OCXs, also known as OLE controls or ActiveX controls, are software components that extend the capabilities of programs developed on the Windows platform. OCXs are capable of performing tasks such as rendering graphics, displaying user interfaces, and communicating with other applications by leveraging the Component Object Model (COM) technology.

Why are OCXs important?

OCXs are an essential component technology as they provide many benefits to developers. With OCXs, developers can build powerful and feature-rich applications that are more efficient in terms of resource usage. Furthermore, the compatibility of OCXs with multiple programming languages and platforms makes them a widely adopted component technology.

What is the future of VBE?

Visual Basic has come a long way since its inception in 1991, and it is still a popular programming language today. However, with the rise of new technologies such as .NET, VBE has become less prevalent. Despite this, VBE is still supported in the latest version of Visual Studio, and developers can continue to use it to enhance their Visual Basic programs.

The inference

Visual Basic is a widely used programming language, and VBE has played a significant role in extending the capabilities of Visual Basic programs. The evolution of VBE from VBXs to 32-bit OCXs has been driven by the need for more advanced and efficient component technologies. Although VBE may be less relevant in today’s world of programming, it remains a valuable tool for developers who choose to build their applications using Visual Basic.

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