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How to Fix Resident Evil Village Crashing

The highly anticipated horror game Resident Evil Village (RE8) is now available. However, according to reports, a large number of players have been experiencing game crashing during startup or while in game. Resident Evil Village has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, but it has also come to our attention that a large number of players are reporting that the game crashes on them. In this article we will try to teach you how to Fix Resident Evil Village Crashing.

Resident Evil Village became extremely popular in the gaming world. With the recent addition of new game modes and content, players are either returning to the game or trying it out for the first time. There is only one issue: the game may crash. There have been numerous reports of players having problems with the game. Below we have mention the steps to resolve Resident Evil Village Crashing.

4 Ways to Fix Resident Evil Village Crashing Issue

End background Apps

  • Click on Process and then look for the high-resource apps and service
  • Simply, Right-Click on the app and then click on End Task

Disable HDR setting

  • Open the Steam app and select Library.
  • After right-clicking on REV, select Properties.
  • After selecting “Local” navigate to “Browse” and select “Configuration File”.
  • Navigate to the configuration file in your browser.
  • Then set HDRMode to false to disable it.

Use the windowed mode to play the game

  • Go to the Steam Library and right click.
  • Select Properties from the drop down menu after right clicking on REV.
  • Then click on the General tab.
  • Appears next to Set start option.
  • Enter the following text in the field
  • windowed-noborder
  • Then click OK.
  • Restart Windows PC.

verify the integrity of game files

  • Go to steam Library, then right click on Resident Evil Village game title and click Properties.
  • Click LOCAL FILES > Verify integrity of game files.
  • Wait a few minutes for Steam to validate the game’s files. Again, any missing or corrupted files will be downloaded automatically.
  • Resident Evil Village relaunch

Final Words

That’s it with our article on methods to fix Resident Evil Village Crashing in Windows 11. If you are also one of the users who are facing the similar issue and want to know to get rid of this problem then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix Resident Evil Village Crashing.

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James Hogan
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