Best Remote Desktop Software 2024: for your needs

Remote desktop software captures a device's screen, mouse and keyboard input and transmits it to another device, which the user can then view or control remotely. Technical support often uses remote desktop connectivity to perform live troubleshooting on a customer's computer.

Using remote desktop software, which is also called remote access software, I’ve found it pretty easy to connect to and work with a computer that is in a different place. The best thing about it is that it makes me feel like I’m in front of the phone or computer. I’ve shown people how to use this technology, helped people with technical issues, and worked with others on group projects. There’s also software that lets you share your screen, which is useful for things like web conferences and slideshows.

On the other hand, remote desktop software provides a complete set of functionality for real-world remote use, which is useful for tech support calls or using a computer away from the office. The key distinction between remote desktop and VDI software is that with VDI, user identification and authentication are used to confirm that the user can actually access the network of their company. The user’s computer can access servers and network resources from a different distant location thanks to VDI. Below we have mentioned some of the best Remote Desktop Software.

Here is the list of best Remote Desktop Software


Unattended access is simple and easy with ConnectWise Control Support, so you can access computers even when the user is not present. To gain access, you must create an access agent installer. Then, using a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can share files and folders with any user for a clutter-free desktop.

Unique role-based permissions let you define who has access to your private documents, even if you assign different roles to different people. To keep end users informed, you can also notify them when maintenance needs to be performed. In the toolbox, you can store all the files you need to run quick scripts and other operations. Overall, this is one of the best remote desktop software you can download.

Parallels Access

Parallels is a popular program with full-screen functionality and a variety of features to make your life easier when working remotely. With the excellent readability of Lock’n’Go Magnifier, you can decide how big or small you want your text to be. Other benefits relate to specific devices. For example, if you have an Android device, you can add your favorite apps to the home screen.

The program integrates all the motions Mac users are used to, such as swiping to scroll or pinching to zoom, so they should have no trouble using it. External Bluetooth mice or trackpads that you might be using with iPadOS 13.4 are also supported by the Parallels. You just need to share a link or scan your exclusive QR code to connect two devices. This is the best remote desktop software.

LogMeIn Pro

One of the most popular remote desktop access applications is LogMeIn Pro, which is great for large enterprises. It is a bit pricey, but offers a variety of solutions designed for enterprise users. The plans include two remote connections and offer a 14-day free trial. If you need additional connections, you can simply upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Besides, LogMeIn Pro is easy to set up, very secure, and supported 24/7 by live help. However, keep in mind that performance can occasionally be a bit sluggish. LogMeIn Pro’s excellent customer service is among its most enticing features. If you are a stressed IT manager, this feature will probably convince you to give the program a try. Right now, this is one of the best remote desktop software you can consider.

Remote Desktop Manager

A robust remote computer access tool with expandable options for big enterprises is called Remote Desktop Manager. It has a number of excellent security features and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. However, Remote Desktop Manager is regrettably a little pricey. There are also specialized enterprise-level options available. Currently, this is the best Remote Desktop Software you can check now.

However, in general, Remote Desktop Manager is among the top network administration programmed for medium- to large-sized companies. Role-based access controls are a huge benefit for IT managers overseeing numerous teams from various departments. You won’t have to entirely replace your current password managers or authentication solutions because to the abundance of integrations.

Zoho Assist

You may access unattended PCs, share a screen, and receive remote support with Zoho Assist, a multipurpose remote support tool. You may assist a variety of clients with Zoho Assist because it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, Android and iOS devices, Raspberry Pi devices, and Chromebooks. Sessions can be started by technicians using their preferred browser, desktop, or mobile application. If you have a limited budget, Zoho Assist’s cost, which starts at an eye-catching $8, is well worth it. Overall, this is the best Remote Desktop Software you can consider.

You can quickly and simply login to your desktop in your personal account from anywhere with In relation to the personal account, it is a single control panel that provides you with ongoing access to all of the network’s machines. Passwords for connections are never a concern for clients. Sending them an invitation link is all that is necessary to establish a connection. The Sumo-lings love it, without a doubt.


You get a lot of value for your money with RemotePC. First-time customers can join up for the two-year plan at a savings of up to 50%. Its user interface is absurdly simple. It is a simple remote desktop programmed with a “flat learning curve,” according to PCMag. Still, it is one of the best Remote Desktop Software you can consider.

Fans appreciate the always-on remote access, quick file and folder transfers between Windows and Mac machines, and multiple monitor displays in addition to the low price. Even better, RemotePC just has to be installed on the remote computer. The remainder of your PCs can be connected to and accessed through the browser.


TeamViewer is simple, cost-free for occasional or personal usage, and includes all the features of remote desktop software, including chat support, file transfer support, and multiple display support. These characteristics set it apart from Chrome Remote Desktop, our other top free option. With a “portable” mode that does not require installation, TeamViewer is also incredibly accommodating to novice users and helpers.

The main drawback to TeamViewer as a free alternative is that you will be inundated with messages essentially warning you not to abuse the privilege if you use it more frequently than infrequently. However, TeamViewer’s free option is unbeatable for sporadic use. For all the reasons listed above, as well as the added capability for Zoom meetings and video assistance, TeamViewer is admirable as a licenced business choice; yet, there are less expensive alternatives.

 Chrome Remote Desktop 

On every operating system that supports the Chrome browser, including, of course, Chrome OS, Chrome Remote Desktop is quick and cost-free. You may control PCs with your phone by supporting iOS and Android. Both unattended access and one-off screen sharing sessions are supported by CRD. It also offers file transfers, but since it doesn’t have a chat feature or support for numerous screens, it’s not a fantastic choice for professionals that require more flexibility and are serving a variety of users. This is one of the best Remote Desktop Software you can download.

Final Words

Secure access and remote device control are made possible by remote desktop software on several platforms. To monitor and control the resources of the remote device, the programme offers the same level of access as being physically present. The programmed allows for the safe sharing of files during remote or live assistance sessions.

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