Best Calendar Apps for College Students: to plan your semester

"Efficiency at Your Fingertips: College Calendar Apps"

It can get pretty busy in college with classes, chores, clubs, and making friends. Calendar apps have really helped me stay on top of things, which is important. They’ve helped me get things done, use my time well, and keep track of everything.

From many planning apps, I’ve chosen a few that really help me stay on top of things and get things done in college. There are tools like these that make it easy to keep up with classes, homework, hobbies outside of school, and social events.

These apps keep track of due dates, schedules, chores, and reminders, which helps you organise group projects, plan study times, and decide which tasks are most important. These apps have helped me find a better balance between study and fun, which has made college better for me.

Comparison Table

Picking the right calendar app can make a big difference in how well you handle your college life. Let’s look at some of the best calendar apps for college students side by side to help you make an informed choice.

FeatureApple CalendarFantasticalCalendlyTrello Calendar
Platform AvailabilityiOS, macOSiOS, Android, WebiOS, macOS, WebWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, Android
User InterfaceClean, intuitiveModern, user-friendlyElegant, customizableSimple, intuitiveVisual, collaborative
SynchronizationiCloud, GoogleGoogle, ExchangeiCloud, Google, ExchangeGoogle, Outlook, iCloudGoogle Calendar, other tools
Reminders & AlertsYesYesYesYesYes
Task IntegrationLimitedYesYesYesYes
Collaboration FeaturesLimitedShared lists, tasksShared calendars, invitesGroup schedulingTeam boards, sharing
Event TemplatesYesYesYesYesYes
Time Zone SupportYesYesYesYesYes
IntegrationsApple ecosystemGoogle Tasks, ZapieriCloud, Google, ZapierGoogle Calendar, Outlook, Microsoft TeamsPower-Ups, Zapier, other integrations
PricingFreeFree, PremiumFree trial, PremiumFree trial, PremiumFree, Premium

Best Calendar Apps for College Students

You have to pay attention to a lot of things in college, like tests, projects, lessons, and things you do outside of school. To keep up and get the most out of your time when things change quickly, you need the right tools. Things can got tough at college. You can use calendar tools to do that. Without these tools, you might not make it.

Apple Calendar

Best Calendar Apps for College Students
User InterfaceClean and intuitive interface
IntegrationSeamless integration with Apple ecosystem
RemindersAbility to set reminders and alerts
CollaborationShare calendars and collaborate with others
Events and InvitationsEasily create events and send invitations
Time Zone SupportAutomatically adjusts to different time zones
Mobile AppAvailable on iOS devices
Visit website

Apple Calendar is a useful app that I’ve found to work well on both iOS and macOS. It works well with other Apple programmes and is simple to use.

It’s nice that events are color-coded, notes can be sent, and calendars can be shared for group projects or study sessions. Plus, it syncs instantly with all of my Apple devices, so everything is always up to date.


  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Seamless integration with iCloud and other Apple services
  • Time zone support for managing events across locations


  • Fewer customisation options than other apps
  • Possible lack of advanced features for complex scheduling. Calendar

Best Calendar Apps for College Students
Task IntegrationIntegrates tasks and to-do lists with the calendar
Time BlockingAllows for time blocking and scheduling tasks
Cross-Platform SyncSyncs across multiple devices and platforms
CollaborationShare calendars and collaborate with others
Customizable ThemesCustomize the calendar’s appearance with themes
Smart NotificationsProvides smart notifications and reminders
Mobile AppAvailable on iOS and Android devices Calendar is an easy-to-use tool with great features for getting things done. It lets me make events and chores all in one place, set reminders, work with classmates, and connect to other useful productivity tools, such as’s task manager. Its sleek form makes it easy to stay organised and get things done.


  • Interface modern and user-friendly
  • Google Tasks and productivity tool integration
  • Integration lets you manage events and to-dos together.


  • No desktop app. Limited platform availability.
  • Free version has less features than Premium.


Best Calendar Apps for College Students
Natural Language InputSupports natural language input for creating events
Multiple Calendar ViewsOffers various views like day, week, month, and list
Time Zone SupportAutomatically adjusts to different time zones
Reminders and AlertsSet reminders and receive alerts for events
IntegrationIntegrates with other apps and services
Sync Across DevicesSyncs seamlessly across devices and platforms
Mobile AppAvailable on iOS and macOS devices

The natural language input in Fantastical is great for me because it lets me use daily language to create events and reminders. It also has useful features like event proposals for setting up meetings with peers, supports multiple time zones so that students with different schedules can use it, and lets me organise my calendar the way I like it.


  • Elegant, customisable interface
  • Calendar integration with iCloud, Google, and Exchange
  • Event creation using natural language is innovative.


  • Subscription required for premium features.
  • Some consumers may find the price exorbitant compared to alternative solutions.


Best Calendar Apps for College Students
Scheduling AutomationAutomates scheduling and appointment booking
Customizable AvailabilitySet availability based on your schedule
IntegrationIntegrates with popular calendar apps and productivity tools
NotificationsSends reminders and notifications for upcoming appointments
Team SchedulingCollaborate with teams and manage group scheduling
AnalyticsProvides analytics and insights into scheduling activity
Mobile AppAvailable on iOS and Android devices

Calendly is a useful app for setting up meetings and other events, in my experience. It’s really changed things for college students like me because it’s now easy to set up study groups, project meetings, and teachers’ office hours.

Plus, it works with major videoconferencing platforms, which makes running virtual meetings a breeze.


  • Simplifies scheduling with simple interface
  • Compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.
  • Has group scheduling and customisable availability.


  • Free trial has limited features
  • Advanced features

Trello Calendar

Best Calendar Apps for College Students
Task ManagementManage tasks, projects, and deadlines within the calendar
Kanban BoardsOrganize tasks using Kanban-style boards
CollaborationCollaborate with teams and share boards
Due DatesAssign due dates to tasks and receive reminders
IntegrationIntegrates with Trello boards and cards
Mobile AppAvailable on iOS and Android devices
Customizable ViewsCustomize views to suit your workflow

From my point of view, the calendar feature that Trello offers is an excellent addition to the project management capabilities that it offers. Students in higher education, such as me, who are participating in group projects will find it very helpful.

Through the use of Trello, I am able to easily view deadlines, monitor our progress, delegate work, and interact with the other members of my team, all within a single location.


  • Visual and collaborative approach to calendar management
  • Integrates seamlessly with Trello boards and other tools
  • Flexible for both personal and team use


  • earning curve for new users

Importance of Using Calendar Apps in College

There are several benefits to using calendar apps in college that go beyond simply keeping track of due dates. It assists you in:

  • Stay organised: Keep a list of all your classes, homework, tests, and extracurricular events and keep it in one place.
  • Manage your time well: set priorities, set aside time to study, and don not cram at the last minute.
  • Work Together Efficiently: Plan meetings, group projects, and study sessions with your friends.
  • Less Stress: Having a clear picture of your plan can help you deal with the stress and anxiety that come with managing your time better.

Questions and Answers

How do calendar apps help people in college keep track of time?

Calendar apps help students better plan their time by making it easier for them to keep track of their classes, schoolwork, study, and extracurricular activities.

For college projects, which calendar app works best for groups?

Trello Calendar is great for working on projects with other people because it lets you manage them, give out jobs, and see how things are going.

Can I use calendar apps on more than one computer or phone?

Yes, most calendar apps can be used on a number of different systems and devices, like computers, smartphones, and tablets. This makes it simple to sync your plan and see it from anywhere.

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