Best Homeschool Apps: enhancing your student engagement

"Discover the best homeschool apps for engaging learning experiences and personalized education."

As of late, Homeschool Apps has gained a lot of popularity, which means that an increasing number of individuals are looking for excellent programmes that can assist them.

With these apps, you may learn about a wide variety of topics and approaches to education, which makes studying at home more enjoyable and productive.

Let’s take a look at five of my favourite homeschool applications, each of which is meant to make studying at home simpler and more pleasant for families like ours.

Comparison Table

Homeschooling offers flexibility, individualised learning, and a customised curriculum for many families like mine. Educational apps enhance homeschooling. These apps aid parents and children with interactive learning in various topics.

Learning FocusLanguage LearningEarly Childhood EducationStudy ToolsEducational Videos and GamesLive Online Classes and Courses
Target AudienceChildren to AdultsPreschool to Elementary SchoolStudents of All AgesElementary to Middle School StudentsK-12 Students and Adult Learners
Content TypesLanguage Lessons, Exercises, GamesInteractive Lessons, Games, ActivitiesFlashcards, Study SetsEducational Videos, Quizzes, GamesLive Classes, Workshops, Courses
InteractivityGamified Learning, Progress TrackingInteractive Learning EnvironmentFlashcards, Study ModesInteractive Animations, QuizzesLive Interaction with Teachers and Peers
SubjectsLanguages (Multiple), Vocabulary, GrammarReading, Math, Science, ArtVarious Subjects and TopicsScience, Social Studies, EnglishMath, Science, Language Arts, Coding, Arts
PricingFree with Premium OptionsSubscription-BasedFree with Premium OptionsSubscription-BasedCourse-Based Pricing

Best Homeschool Apps

The best homeschool applications are discussed here. Our family receives educational assistance. Innovative and engaging apps make language, STEM, and other homeschooling fun and successful. I use these apps to enhance our homeschooling, reinforce subjects, and explore new hobbies.


Best Homeschool Apps
Language SelectionOffers a wide range of languages for learning, including Spanish, French, German, and more.
Gamified LearningUtilizes gamification to make learning fun and engaging through levels, achievements, and rewards.
Bite-Sized LessonsProvides short and interactive lessons for quick learning sessions.
Speaking PracticeIncludes speaking exercises for improving pronunciation and language fluency.
Listening ExercisesOffers listening comprehension tasks to enhance understanding of spoken language.
Writing ChallengesProvides writing exercises for practicing grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
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It transformed my language learning, and I can’t live without it. Its many languages, including Spanish, French, and German, can aid all language learners. I like Duolingo because it uses games and rewards to drive me to learn.

Duolingo is essential to our homeschooling. Its lessons are well-organized so my kids may learn quickly and independently. Interactive elements like speech recognition and audio activities make learning entertaining and enhance listening and pronunciation.


  • Gamified learning entertains.
  • Several languages to learn.
  • Tracking progress and interactive exercises boost learning.


  • Limited depth compared to formal language training.
  • Feedback on pronunciation varies.


Best Homeschool Apps
Early Learning ContentOffers a comprehensive curriculum for early learners covering subjects like math, reading, science, and art.
Interactive ActivitiesProvides interactive games, puzzles, and activities to make learning engaging and entertaining.
Progress TrackingMonitors child’s progress and adjusts difficulty levels accordingly for personalized learning.
Parental ControlsIncludes parent dashboard for managing child’s activities, setting goals, and tracking achievements.
Learning PathGuides children through a structured learning path based on their age and skill level.
Educational VideosFeatures educational videos on various topics to enhance learning and comprehension.
Offline AccessAllows access to some content offline for uninterrupted learning experiences.
PrintablesProvides printable worksheets and materials for additional practice and reinforcement.

Kids from 2 to 8 years old can enjoy the ABCmouse app. It’s especially good for babies and kids like us who are just starting elementary school. There is work in art, reading, math, science, and science. It’s a fun and full way to learn.

I love how fun and interesting ABCmouse is for learning. We stay interested in many things and learn new things by doing things like listening to music, playing games, and working on projects. It’s fun and helps us remember things better.


  • Interactive learning content for kids.
  • Math, reading, science, and art are covered.
  • Learning is fun with games and activities.


  • Users may find the interface overwhelming.
  • Needs subscription for full material.


Best Homeschool Apps
Study ModesOffers various study modes like flashcards, quizzes, tests, and games for interactive learning.
Shared ContentAllows users to create and share study sets with classmates or the Quizlet community.
Spaced RepetitionUtilizes spaced repetition algorithms for efficient memorization and long-term retention.
Multimedia SupportSupports multimedia elements like images, audio, and diagrams to enhance learning materials.
Progress TrackingTracks study progress, performance, and mastery levels for each study set.
Customizable LearningEnables customization of study sets, including adding notes, highlighting key information, and organizing content.
Mobile AppProvides a mobile app for learning on-the-go and accessing study materials anytime, anywhere.

For me, using Quizlet to help me teach my kids at home has been very helpful. I really like how simple it is to make study sets that go with what I’m learning in school. Also, other users have already made a huge amount of information on a huge range of topics.

The way that Quizlet spreads out the things I’m learning is really cool to me. This helps me remember things longer because it shows them to me right when I need to go over them again. It’s like having a special study partner who knows when to test me so I can learn the most!


  • Create and share flashcards and quizzes easily.
  • Huge user-generated study materials resource.
  • Supports multiple learning methods and study modalities.


  • User-generated content quality varies.
  • Free version has less features than premium.


Best Homeschool Apps
Educational VideosOffers animated educational videos on various subjects like science, social studies, English, and more.
Engaging ContentProvides interactive quizzes, activities, and games related to the video content for deeper learning.
Differentiated LearningAdjusts content complexity to suit different learning levels and abilities.
Standards-AlignedAligns content with educational standards to support classroom learning objectives.
Teacher ToolsProvides resources and tools for educators, including lesson plans, quizzes, and assessments.
Feedback and AssessmentOffers immediate feedback on quizzes and assessments, allowing students to track their progress.
Mobile-FriendlySupports learning on mobile devices, making it accessible for students anytime, anywhere.

BrainPOP is a fun way to learn about lots of things. You can learn while having fun with lots of films, games, quizzes, and other fun things. I love how pictures help people understand hard ideas.

BrainPOP is great because it helps kids learn many things, like history, math, science, and English. It’s like having a big library full of things to learn in one place. When I use BrainPOP, I don’t feel like I “study.” This is fun and new to me at the same time.


  • Interesting animated videos on various topics.
  • Quizzes and activities reinforce learning.
  • Suitable for many themes and ages.


  • For advanced learners, certain topics may be too basic.
  • Subscription required for full access.


Best Homeschool Apps
Diverse CoursesOffers a wide range of online courses for children of various ages, covering diverse subjects and interests.
Live ClassesConducts live interactive classes with experienced teachers for real-time learning experiences.
Small Class SizesMaintains small class sizes to ensure personalized attention and engagement for each student.
Flexible SchedulingProvides flexible scheduling options, allowing students to choose classes based on their availability.
Specialized InstructorsEmploys specialized instructors with expertise in their respective fields and teaching methods.
Interactive LearningEncourages interactive learning through discussions, group activities, and hands-on projects.

Outschool is a great virtual classroom that has helped me a lot with education. Outschool stands out to me because it has a lot of different live classes. Everyone can find something they like, from arts and crafts to arts and maths. I’ve looked into the language and history classes that Outschool offers. This has helped us learn more about the subject.

One thing I like best about Outschool is that the classes are not too big. They help my kids learn in a more personalised way and connect with their teachers and peers. This makes sure they get help and comments right away during class and also helps them have deeper conversations.


  • Certified instructors teach live online.
  • Accessible subjects.
  • Flexibility in scheduling and classes.


  • Class costs add up fast.
  • Demand and schedule determine class availability.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Homeschool Apps

When looking for the best learning apps for your family, think about these things:

  • programme Fit: Pick apps that fit with the standards and goals of your homeschool programme.
  • Interaction and Engagement: Look for apps that have games, activities, and material that students can interact with.
  • Personalised Learning: Choose apps that let you make your own learning tracks and tests that change based on what each student needs.
  • Parental Controls: Make sure that apps have parental controls and progress tracking so that parents can keep an eye on how well students are doing and control what material they can access.

Questions and Answers

Can these apps be used instead of regular homeschooling?

These apps can be helpful additions to homeschool lessons, but they are not meant to take the place of full-on learning programmes. They make learning more fun and give you more tools and chances to practise.

How old do kids have to be to use these apps?

Yes, the apps you listed are good for a lot of different age groups, from preschoolers to high school students, because they have activities and content that are made for different levels of learning.

How do I use these apps as part of my homeschooling?

Add these apps to your daily or weekly routine as part of organised lessons or as extra tools to help you learn and remember things.

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