Beats Solo 4 review

I wasn’t sure about the Beats Solo 4. Although the Solo 3s were good, the clamping force always bothered me. The lack of ANC felt obsolete for the price. When I bought the Solo 4s, I wanted to check if Beats had fixed these difficulties and improved their on-ear design. Right away, the fit felt different. The headband and ear cups seemed looser. It was a reliefβ€”these were more comfortable for long listening sessions. Sound quality was the true test.

Beats Solo 4: Description

My favourite playlist improved when I turned it on. I like Beats’ strong bass, but it felt tighter and more controlled. Clearer mids and highs made for a more balanced listening experience. I was also wondering about battery life. Beats promises 50 hours, far more than the Solo 3s.

I haven’t tested them to that extent, but they’ve easily lasted a whole workday of music on a single charge. I like not having to search for a charger on the go. ANC is still missing from the Solo 4s, which may deter some. Ear cups provide passive noise isolation, although not as well as ANC. Beats Solo 4s feel like a good upgrade. They’re more comfortable, sound better, and last longer. Watch them perform real-world testing!

Price and Availability

US Beats Solo 4 on-ear headphones cost $199.99 and are available on on April 30. Solo 4 costs the same despite having more features than Solo 3. They come in Matte Black, Slate Blue, and Cloud Pink.

Specifications Table

Specs17.7 x 15.8 x 6.8 cm
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Weight7.65 oz (217 g)
Battery LifeUp to 50 hours (wired mode can be used to conserve battery)
Noise CancellationPassive Noise Isolation (No ANC)
MicrophoneBeamforming Dual mics
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Playback ControlsOn-ear controls
Carrying CaseIncluded
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Beats Solo 4

The Beats Solo 4 headphones include Beats’ signature design. They’re largely matte-finished polycarbonate with contrasting metal headband extension and foldable hinges. Like other Beats headphones, these fold into the zipper pouch for storage.

I could fit the headphones in a jacket pocket folded. The Beats Solo 4 weighs 7.65 ounces, making it lighter than Apple headphones like the AirPods Max. However, the headband is stiff, so individuals with larger heads may find the clamping force too tight after hours of use.

The earcup stitching isn’t as high-quality as comparable Beats or Apple devices, so detail-oriented shoppers may be disappointed. Fair enough, but the bar is high. The Beats Solo 4 has one huge button on the left earcup with the lowercase β€˜b’ brand logo. This can be used for playing and voice assistant control, however you can customise press assignments in iOS or the Beats app for Android.


Some consumers used to active noise cancelling (ANC) in comparably priced headphones will be disappointed with the Solo 4 headphones. They have decent passive noise suppression but no ear-detection sensors, a common feature in this price range.

The Solo 4s’ unique Beats chip and Bluetooth 5.3 provide a feature-rich experience for Apple and Android users despite these shortcomings. Google Fast Pair and multipoint Bluetooth connection with automatic switching help Android users, while iCloud connectivity benefits Apple users.

They support Apple’s Audio Sharing and Find My on both platforms. But Android consumers lack spatial audio with head tracking and hands-free Siri. Find My lacks the precision of AirPods Max and Pro 2, but head tracking is comparable. While lacking some capabilities, the Solo 4 headphones are an appealing option for wireless consumers seeking versatility.


After all this time, it’s hard to imagine the Beats Solo3 was sold with Micro-USB. Luckily, the Solo 4 now uses USB-C, which Apple has mostly adopted. They also have a 3.5-mm headphone connection for lossless high-res playing with appropriate source files or streaming services. In-flight entertainment systems, which rarely include Bluetooth, benefit from the 3.5-mm option. Rarely do Apple devices play as well with Android smartphones as iPhones as the Beats Solo 4.

The headphones should notify you to rapidly pair when you turn them on for the first time. The process is smoother on iOS, but if you have the Beats app on Android, it should be similar. The Beats Solo 4’s Siri and Audio Sharing functions are only available to iPhone users. Siri can answer questions, play music, and notify you. A long push of the left earcup’s β€˜b’ control button activated the assistant, which I mostly utilised for phone calls.

Sound Quality

Beats based the Solo 4’s acoustics on the Solo3, as expected. Except it spent years researching and designing to improve it. Beats’ passively tuned dynamic diaphragm transducer is the start. Beats optimised its passive equaliser instead of active equalisation to fit its desired sound profile. Electronic distortion is reduced using special 40mm transducers. To create a crisp, wide-ranging audio profile. Pre-review expectations were Beats headphones that I remembered.

The bass-heavy headphones wanted to do better. Years later, the audio quality is excellent, as expected from an Apple-connected gadget. The bass remains, but it doesn’t overpower the audio. Your experience is more balanced and clear. Here, mids and highs shine without sounding tinny. Solo 4 supports Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio with head tracking.

The latest processing can make films and music more immersive. Personalised Spatial Audio improves the feature after scanning your head with an iPhone. The analogue microphone has been replaced by digital MEMS mics. They claim digital beamforming and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

Beats also employs a new machine learning algorithm based on over 7,000 hours of real-world surroundings to detect voice. The programme rejects wind and other background noises. As Bluetooth headphones go, this works well. Even though it’s not broadcast-quality, it isolates the user’s voice from moderate noise.


Beats Solo 4

Custom-built 40mm transducers reduce electronic artefacts and distortion for clearer sound in the Beats Solo 4. Work has been done to eliminate latency so you may watch films and videos with perfect lip sync. First impressions suggest the Beats Solo 4 is a lively, energetic listen with a midrange concentration. Anyone who has used Beats headphones in recent years knows that they have worked to shed their bassy reputation, and the Solo 4 continues this endeavour.

Though not neutral, the bass response has enough wallop and warmth without sounding like that’s its main character. Instead, the midrange is emphasised for an energetic sound. In an attempt to be more illuminating and perceptive, the higher registers often sound overly bright via Bluetooth. This could soften over harshness as these Solo 4 haven’t gotten any running-in time other than the listening we did for these early thoughts.

By connecting the USB-C connection and listening wired, this dazzling edge almost disappears. Listening this manner brings out more information and timing. Lossless playback from Tidal brings out their best sound. The Solo 4 can express Hans Zimmer’s Dream Is Collapsing’s speed and intensity, but the best headphones may better punctuate instruments’ leading edges. This will be compared more completely in a full evaluation.

Battery Life

Beats Solo 4’s battery life is much better than the Solo 3. Beats claims 50 hours of playback per charge, 10 hours more than its predecessor. This outstanding durability may be attributable to the lack of active noise cancellation (ANC), which drains batteries quickly. Note that this 50-hour rating is based on moderate volume and Spatial Audio off (expect 45 hours with it on). Even with these factors, testers considered the battery life to be impressive, with some exceeding 50 hours.

Fast Fuel delivers a rapid power boost. 10 minutes of charging gives you 5 hours of listening time, up from 3 hours for the Solo 3. This makes the Solo 4 ideal for folks who forget to charge their headphones or need them for long trips. Another benefit is that you can use the headphones wired (via the provided 3.5mm connection) when the battery dies.

  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Comfortable On-ear Fit
  • Lacks active noise cancellation
  • Don’t offer replaceable ear pads

Final Words

If the Solo 3 is comfortable, the Beats Solo 4 are appealing on-ear headphones. They sound better than its predecessors with more clarity and bass. Battery life is amazingβ€”50 hours per charge. USB-C charging and good voice communications are very convenient.

They lack active noise cancellation (ANC), which may deter some listeners in noisy surroundings. While significantly better, the fit may not suit everyone, especially those with larger skulls. Last but not least, the design hasn’t changed, and they can be expensive if not on sale.

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