How to Delete Files From Google Drive on Desktop and Mobile

Clean Up Your Drive! Learn to delete files on Desktop and Mobile Google Drive.

For all of our important pictures, stories, and drawings, Google Drive is like a big toy box. But sometimes the toys we no longer play with fill up our toy box too much. After that, we need to Delete Files From Google Drive.

Trash is the name of the place in Google Drive where old files go when we want to get rid of them. Same thing as putting them in the trash at home. They stay for 30 days in case we change our minds and want them back.

Like when the trash truck takes our recycling, they’re gone for good if we don’t get rid of them in 30 days. To keep our Google Drive clean, we only store what we need.

Why Delete Files from Google Drive?

  • Make room: You know, Google Drive gives you a certain amount of extra space.
  • Sort your things: It’s like putting your toys away! It will be easy to find the things we want to play with on our Drive if we get rid of old or not-used files.
  • Don’t tell anyone: There are times when we have files with private information in them. Nobody else will be able to see our secrets if we get rid of those files. Our stuff will be safe.
Delete Files From Google Drive
  • Help other people find things: Sharing things on Drive is like giving toys to other people. You can go to the official page to learn more about this thing.

How to Delete Files From Google Drive on Mobile

  1. Start up the Google Drive app on your computer or phone.
  2. Find the file or folder you want to get rid of.
  3. Press the three dots next to it.
  4. Find “Remove” in the list and scroll down.

How to Delete Files From Google Drive on Desktop

  1. Visit the site
  2. Get rid of the file or picture you want to get rid of.
  3. You can get a menu by pressing the right mouse button on it.
  4. Simply pick the “Move to trash” choice.
  5. You can also select the item you wish to discard and then click on the trash can icon located at the top.

Tips for Efficient File Deletion on Google Drive

Plan and Prioritize:

  • Choose what to get rid of: First, let’s check to see which things we no longer need. We can look through old files, copies of things we already have, or large files we don’t use.
  • Start with simple ones: First, let’s get rid of the items that are easy to find. Some of it might be old stuff or extra pictures we don’t need!

Utilize Search and Filters:

  • We can use Google Drive’s search box to find files that were created a long time ago. We might be able to get rid of these.
  • Size-wise sort: We can find big files with Google Drive. The ones that take up a lot of room can be thrown away.
  • Use special search words. In Google Drive, we can use special words to find certain kinds of files or any files we made. That way, we can delete only the things we want.


Can I delete files from Google Drive without affecting others’ access to shared files?

Anyone who can see what you remove from Google Drive can no longer see it. However, you don’t have to delete the file if you just want to stop looking at it. You can just close it.

How much storage space do I have in Google Drive?

You get 15 GB of free room with every Google account. You can pay for extra storage if you need it.

Is there a way to delete multiple files at once in Google Drive?

On your computer or phone, you can delete many things at once. Just do what the book says.

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