Radhika Gupta

At Bollyinside, Radhika Gupta is a technology publisher and content editor.Β Her speciality is selecting interesting articles about new developments in technology. Radhika is dedicated about innovation, and her work makes sure that readers are motivated and informed about the rapidly changing world of technology.


  • Tech Authority: Our team at Bollyinside is guided by tech expert with over 12 years of experience in the technology realm.
  • Editorial Leadership: Led by Sumit Chauhan, we focus on comprehensive tech reviews and guides, providing essential information and insights.
  • Significant Impact: We influence the tech industry by providing authoritative advice and guidance used by millions.
  • Dedicated Expertise: Our team is comprised of skilled programmers, writers, video creators, and editors, all dedicated to offering the most reliable and current tech content available.

Experience in Technology

Comprehensive Expertise: Our editorial team at Bollyinside, under my leadership, brings a diverse range of skills in technology. We specialize in delivering detailed product reviews, tech guides, and the latest insights into technology trends.

Seasoned Professionals: Each member of our team is deeply experienced, with backgrounds in programming, content creation, and tech industry analysis. This allows us to cover a wide array of topics from software to hardware with authority and accuracy.

Trusted Source: We have established ourselves as a trusted source for technology enthusiasts and professionals. Our commitment to quality and thoroughness ensures that our content not only informs but also enhances the tech understanding of our audience.

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