Best Free HelpDesk Software: improves your customer satisfaction

"Compare features of leading free helpdesk software for businesses."

From what I’ve seen, HelpDesk software is essential for modern businesses to run easily. It’s especially useful for improving customer service, quickly fixing problems, and handling tickets effectively.

There are a lot of paid choices, but free HelpDesk software is a good place to start for startups, small businesses, and people on a tight budget.

We are going to look at some of the best free HelpDesk apps in this guide. We’ll talk about what makes them great and how they can help businesses of all kinds.

Comparison Table

Businesses like ours who seek effective customer service must choose the correct helpdesk software. Today, we’ll review the finest free helpdesk software. We’ll concentrate on their benefits. This comparison will determine our best option. Start by comparing these best free helpdesk software packages.

FeatureFreshdesk FreeZoho Desk FreeHubSpot Service Hub FreeSpiceworks Help DeskOsTicket
Ideal forCustomer Support TeamsCustomer & Internal SupportBusinesses in HubSpot EcosystemIT Support TeamsTechnically Savvy Users
Ticketing SystemBasic ticketing with creation, categorization, prioritization, and trackingTicketing with multi-channel support (email, phone)Ticketing with basic automationBasic ticketingYes, highly customizable
Collaboration ToolsInternal notesInternal notes and agent assignmentInternal notesLimitedYes, highly customizable
Self-Service PortalBasic knowledge baseKnowledge baseKnowledge baseLimitedCan be integrated with third-party solutions
Reporting & AnalyticsBasic reportingLimited reportingBasic reportingBasic reportingYes, highly customizable with plugins
Mobile AppYesYesYesYesCan be integrated with third-party apps
SecurityRobust security practicesRobust security practicesRobust security practicesSecure, but IT expertise needed for maintenanceRequires secure configuration

Best Free HelpDesk Software

In today’s competitive corporate world, effective customer service is essential for client satisfaction and loyalty. This goal is achieved by using helpdesk software to organise customer inquiries, handle tickets, and improve customer-support staff communication.

Freshdesk Free

Best Free HelpDesk Software
Ticketing SystemCreate, categorize, prioritize, and track tickets.
Collaboration ToolsInternal notes for agent communication.
Self-Service PortalBasic knowledge base for customer self-service.
Reporting & AnalyticsBasic reporting on key metrics.
Mobile AppYes, for managing tickets on the go.
SecurityRobust security practices with data encryption.
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Freshdesk Free is my first choice for many reasons. We can all use it well because of how simple it is laid out. It’s great that the feedback system helps us deal with customer problems by making it simple to keep track of them and fix them.

Also, automation tools save us time by doing dull jobs for us, letting us work on more important things. Another great thing about Freshdesk Free is that it lets us make a knowledge base.

With this feature, we can make detailed self-help guides that give users the tools they need to fix their own issues. This will help us get fewer support calls.


  • Simple ticket management interface
  • Automation to simplify support


  • Limited customization options

Zoho Desk Free

Best Free HelpDesk Software
Ticketing SystemCreate, categorize, prioritize, and track tickets.
Collaboration ToolsInternal notes and agent assignment for streamlined communication.
Self-Service PortalKnowledge base for customer self-service.
Multi-Channel SupportEmail and phone support for handling inquiries.
Reporting & AnalyticsLimited reporting on key metrics.
Mobile AppYes, for managing tickets on the go.

I really like how Zoho Desk Free can be changed and expanded, which makes it great for businesses of all sizes. I really like that I can change processes to fit the needs of my business.

The fact that Zoho Desk Free works so well with other Zoho apps is great. This makes an ecosystem that works well together by putting all of my info and communication channels in one place.


  • Integration with other Zoho apps
  • Knowledge base for self-service support


  • Limited to three agents in the free version

HubSpot Service Hub Free

Best Free HelpDesk Software
Ticketing SystemCreate, categorize, prioritize, and track tickets.
Collaboration ToolsInternal notes for agent communication.
Self-Service PortalKnowledge base for customer self-service.
Live ChatEngage with customers directly through live chat.
Reporting & AnalyticsBasic reporting on key metrics.
Mobile AppYes, for managing tickets and live chat on the go.

The HubSpot Service It’s great that Hub Free is now part of the well-known HubSpot suite. The goal is to make our customer service better. There are many helpful tools on this platform that make customer service easy and better.

We can better handle customer questions and problems now that this is in order. Live chat is another great thing about HubSpot Service Hub Free. We can talk to people right away and help them right away.


  • Basic ticketing and automation capabilities
  • Integration with HubSpot CRM


  • Limited features compared to paid versions

Spiceworks Help Desk

Best Free HelpDesk Software
Ticketing SystemBasic ticketing with creation, categorization, prioritization, and tracking.
Asset ManagementTrack IT assets like hardware and software.
Network MonitoringMonitor network performance and identify potential issues.
Collaboration ToolsLimited collaboration features.
Self-Service PortalLimited self-service options.
Reporting & AnalyticsBasic reporting on key metrics.

IT pros like us need an easy-to-use system to keep track of assets and calls for technical help. Spiceworks Help Desk is a great choice. Any size of business can use it for free, which is great.

One more cool thing about it is that it can handle files. It’s simple for us to keep track of all of our software and hardware, including things like sales, setups, and warranties. It helps me keep up with everything going on in the world of IT.


  • Free and open-source with no agent limit
  • Community support and user forums


  • Interface can be overwhelming for new users


Best Free HelpDesk Software
Ticketing SystemHighly customizable ticketing system.
Collaboration ToolsCustomizable collaboration features with internal notes and more (requires plugins).
Self-Service PortalCan be integrated with third-party self-service solutions.
Reporting & AnalyticsHighly customizable reporting with plugins.
Mobile AppCan be integrated with third-party mobile apps.
SecurityRequires secure configuration by the user.

I think OsTicket is a great helpdesk tool that can be used in a lot of different ways. The free version of OsTicket does everything you need for reporting and customer service. What I like most about it is how flexible it isβ€”I can change it to fit our specific needs and processes.

One thing I really like about OsTicket is how well it works with email. And the autoresponder feature has saved us a lot of time with routine replies, making our responses much more effective. It’s been very easy to keep up with customer interactions.

Also, the simple reporting tools have taught us a lot about things like how fast we’re fixing tickets and how happy our customers are in general.


  • Email integration
  • Knowledge base for self-service support


  • Requires technical knowledge

Features to Look for in Free HelpDesk Software

Before you choose a free helpdesk software, make sure it has these important features to meet the needs of your business:

  • Effective ticket management that allows for workflows to be customised and automation is provided by the Ticketing System.
  • The ability to manage inquiries from a variety of communication channels (email, phone, chat, and social media) is referred to as an example of multi-channel support.
  • A self-service portal that allows users to obtain answers to frequently asked topics is known as a knowledge base.
  • The reporting and analytics process provides insights into performance measures, levels of client satisfaction, and the efficiency of the workforce.

Questions and Answers

Can free service software grow as the needs of a business do?

Many free helpdesk programmes do offer plans that can be changed or integrated with paid features that can be used as your business grows.

How important is it for helpdesk tools to work on mobile devices?

Mobile compatibility is very important for remote teams and getting to customer questions and help tickets while you’re on the go.

Is there anything I can’t do with free helpdesk software?

Free versions might not have as many features, user licences, or support choices as paid versions.

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